Latex Top 100

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  1. Hi Karl-
    huge fan of your work, and I’m glad to finally see some clips available for individual purchase. Do you have any clips of of Francesca wearing leather gloves? I really want to see some high end fashion clips of her, wearing leather gloves, maybe fur as well. Anyway, she would look incredible getting off in a pair of tight, wrist length, leather gloves and Louboutins.
    Best Wishes!

    1. Chris, glad you like my work.
      Yes, we would like to do shootings with leather gloves. Unfortunately Francesca does not have any leather gloves because she likes to show her nails …
      So how can we solve this problem?

      1. Karl-
        good to hear back! I think Francesca would go for it, if she knew how much it turned on some of her fans, and how amazing silky, smooth, leather would feel on her body. Full fingered leather gloves couldn’t be any sexier. I’ve always hoped she would do some high-end fashion, inspired clips.

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